Our Non-Tropical Tropical Story

"Tropical enthusiasts who live longer out of a trip than a home closet."

This is exactly how the people closest to us would describe us. Until 2020 happened, due to which we were forced to pack our travel bags until this year's travel season, and we can find dreams of a warm sea and a sandy paradise within the borders of Slovenia.

Don't get us wrong - we love Slovenia, but when we met again for coffee after a long time, we found that we miss the tropical air, exploration and carefree spirit that embraces us when we land on a sandy, warm tropical island. Most of all, we are impressed by the wonderful local fresh food in warm places.

Since we couldn't jump on the plane for a dose of vitamins this time, we started thinking about how to bring a tropical island to Slovenia?

... that's how the RAAW BOWLS was born.

And the rest is history.

Oh, where!

It barely started here!

That coffee we thought we were just dreaming about plunged us into the world of exploration and brought a warm wave to the tropical Hawaiian Sea the moment we realized that acai bowls full of fruits, vitamins and antioxidants are our second biggest passion besides travels.

Because we are yogis who are in love with health, vitality and good food, our formula was simple:

Good bowla full of vitamins + acai powder from Hawaii + kjut coconut cup from Indonesia = TROPICAL ISLAND IN THE MIDDLE OF SLOVENIA (and smiling Anja and Renata)

In the days that followed, the kitchen became a tropical lab, and in the recipes, we mixed homemade delicacies from the garden and orchard with a pinch of cosmopolitanism. We found that if we pack everything together in coconut cups we brought from travel and decorate a bowl of vitamins, then we forget that we are in the middle of quarantine and that airline tickets will not be available for some time to come.

And when a man discovers something with such passion, he can’t help but share it.

The next minute we were already calling friends from Indonesia, ordering new coconut bowls and super acai powders that remind us of all the wonderful journeys. We wanted to bring this island of happiness, warmth and tropical greenery to every home of a Slovenian traveler, who, just like us, is fascinated by the long sandy beaches and the simple life of the locals, who are always friendly and smiling.

All the cups in our online store therefore come from the Indonesian island of Lombok, where at home artisans, makers and creators have been deprived of income by the difficult and unpredictable situation we all face this year. They, too, miss us travelers this travel season. Each cup is the handiwork of a smiling local or a visitor who has decided to stay, earn something and turn their holiday into a way of life.

Well, it's just a processed waste coconut shell and smoothie ...

... our grandmother would say and maybe someone else.

But the story of RAAW BOWLS is more than that. Our vision is not just a healthy meal in a coconut bowl, but a connection and friendship between local Slovenian producers and friends from all over the world.

So thank you to the crown that inspired our story, where we will be able to combine all our passions into a delicious meal full of vitamins, conjure up a tropical breeze in the kitchen and take care of health on all levels - both body and spirit.

Health, connection, friendship are our values, which Raaw boasts to the world with his story. <3